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How is TPT method & arts different than other de-armoruing methods?

The biggest difference is that we teach you how to be sensitive to the unique body and client timeline. And from feeling into the "feminine" we apply methods based on what is needed for her or him to open. Many other body therapies apply a method on to client. Applying a "masculine" approach on to the " feminine". We aim to create a paradigm shift where we first and foremost create a deep level of presence and listening into the body signal and uniqe timeline and meet the client from there.

Today you will find many different de-armouring branches.

What is special about The Pleasure Temple method & arts is that :

  • We work holistically and include spiritual practises, embodied psychosomatics, big emphatic heart, grounded after integration work, epigenetic guidance.

  • We surrender to what is and create space where the body will open by itself like a flower. No push, force, method or goal orientation as a fundament. We apply methods once we feel what it true according to client.

  • We aim to create a sacred imprint and new experience in the nervousystem that a woman or man never had before, so she/he can start to act from a different place.

  • We empower the client to be in charge and the empowered one. We aim to take clients from non active to active clients.

  • We are there with support and presence in the after integration process.

  • We are informing and guiding our clients regarding their epigenetics and other life force activation methods- reconnecting with the earth.

The Pleasure Temple Tantric De-armoring methods & arts is effective to:

  • Reduce anxiety, panic attacks or fight/flight mode

  • Regulating and rewiring of the autonomic nervous system

  • Enhance embodiment and groundedness

  • Positively impact on depression, unhappiness, and lack of motivation

  • Heal past abuse, traumas and addictions by working through belief systems and neuroplasticity

  • Reduce stress, tension, and "unexplainable" physical symptoms

  • Removing shame and guilt, loss of interest in sex, inability to experience orgasm, and pain during intercourse

  • Allow the client to learn to fully let go or experience joy and lifeforce flow

  • Boost body confidence, self-esteem, and trust

  • Address Vaginismus (involuntary vaginal contractions/closing of the vagina before sex)

  • Reduce PMS and period pain + normalises the menstrual cycle

  • Address other sexual, relational, physical dysfunctions

  • Activate more lifeforce in the body

  • Reconnect people to their true nature and essence.

Main intention of TPT method & arts

  • To empower a woman and man into living from their deepest truth.

  • To empower women into becoming active, sovereign and fully embodied.

  • To hold a completely non judgemental space of full acceptance.

  • To create enough safety that the deepest parts can open.

  • To create a new experience that someone never had which creates a new fundament to act from.

  • To open to more lifeforce in body.

  • To embody ones full power.

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