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What is TPT Tantric De-armouring ?

Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychoanalyst and Doctor of Medicine was the first to mention armour in the 1900`s. He was passionate about working with the physical protection shields that people’s systems build within their bodies for protection and survival. What we call armour. He was the first to really be interested in what happened when sexual energy / lifeforce energy was suppressed.


Due to fight and flight responses during stress, chock and traumatic experience, tension or ‘armour’ is created in the body. In nature we see animals shaking of these types of chocks but as humans hold on to it due to our social connection nervous system.

When the ventral vagus and social engagement switches off due to a sense of threat or danger, it triggers the nervous system to function on the unsafe side in ‘survival mode’ (fight/flight or freeze). This can lead to dysfunction of the nervous system and inability to relax and be the starting point of many symptoms and diseases. Rewireing and regulating the nervousystem into a deeper rest digest state is what we aim to do in this type of bodytherpay. And from this point we can start bringing the body into moe lifeforce flow and pleasure.

The Pleasure Temple Method and Art is a body-oriented therapy(tantric de-armuring) to transform and clear out the energetic armour and holding patterns we store in our bodies. Armour is created over time by chock, stress, thought/holding -patterns, social programming, repressed emotion and trauma. Even though armour desensitise our experience of life, it is there for a reason. It is developed in the energy body to protect us and to survive.

With this form of de-armouring you can go more directly to resolving the core physical root in a faster way than what most talking therapies can do. When done in a non push way with a respect for the uniqe body and client timeline it can be done in a healthy way where it is possible to integrate a new state into life.

(There are many de-armouring methods to find. It is important to know that they all have different approaches and to not compare by the name only.)

With The Pleasure Temple de-armouring method & arts we can clear away the physical ‘shield’ when the physical, mental and emotional aspect of our being is ready. This release is the de-armouring process. With the release of these blockages, our bodies nervous system can return to the important rest and digest state and have a deeper capacity to feel pleasure, joy and for our lifeforce to run more freely. De-armouring can be both external and internal, both physical, psychological and emotional.

If we don't clear out armour, the side effect of living in constant fear and self-protection can then trigger parasympathetic dorsal vagal shutdown. People feel numbness, depressive, lethargic and fatigued and never able to fully be in rest digest mode. The noticing and feeling part of the brain (which is aware of impulses within the body, as well as the working mind’s thought process) is switched off. This means that conscious decisions can’t be made. The person may feel stuck or ‘frozen’ in some way. This can affect a lot in peoples lives and selected areas of the body where muscular holding patterns occur as physical defence mechanisms—due to the nervous system’s need to shut off and protect from feeling chronic physical or emotional pain.

This can manifest differently in different people. In the exterior you might feel like repeating patterns or being stuck not able to move forward. Physically when under psychological stress, the psoas muscle, as a core muscle, informs other muscles to be in constant readiness for fight or flight. Tension arises in different parts of the body. For a lot of women it sits in the pelvic area, in the jaw due to clenching, pain around the diaphragm due to contraction from holding the breath, stiff trapezius muscles in the neck and shoulders, around the eyes causing tension headaches and contraction in the throat. The Pleasure Temple aims to support micro level evolution through rewiring the human nervous system into more rest digest and for humanity to reclaim our healthy and powerful lifeforce. This is the potential of this work.

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