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Guide for Practitioners #3: Supporting Female Clients on their Journey of Life-Force Activation

This article seeks to explore how a bodywork practitioner can offer best long-term support for a female client on their journey of activating more lifeforce and pleasure in her body.

The article suggests important steps to take the client’s body through in the sessions during the months of working together.

The article furthermore recommends potential home practices for the client, as well as various important daily routines that can support her nervous system, health and life force activation.

As the first step of working together with a long-term client who longs to activate her life force, it is essential to do an inquiry, to get a sense of the client’s nervous system, stress levels, general life situation and support systems.

Thereafter the process will be divided into three important steps. Feeling safe, opening to deeper layers, and finally, pleasure awakening.

Feeling Safe

Here the focus is to bring the client’s nervous system down into the ventral vagal activation, (safety) and in that process it is key to build trust between her and you as a practitioner and her guide in the process.

In the bodywork sessions with the client focus is on extra slowness, breathing together, eye contact, communication, and methods that stimulate the vagus nerve such as gentle pulling the legs, sushumna, and pelvic rocking. These elements are highly recommended to be part of every session, to create internal safety before anything else. The intention is to have the client leave the sessions feeling more relaxed, energized and present.

Opening to deeper layers

As the client has a more general sense of safety in her nervous system, the sessions will begin to focus more on clearing blocks and releasing stuck energy. This can include deeper de-armouring of knots and tense energy, deeper emotional releases, inner child healing, and de-armouring of energetic layers on her body.

This can rewire some fundamental patterns in the client, and she can feel more sensitive, more raw, more open and vulnerable after the sessions. Here extra integration time and self care is essential together with nervous system regulation as it helps to recalibrate the client into new ways of being.

Pleasure awakening

As the client begins to feel more energy flow through her body as blocks are cleared, the sessions will begin to focus more on activating the lifeforce, helping it flow through her and awaken pleasure.

Through tantric touch, massage and energy work we work together to open her up to more pleasure and energy flow. These sessions can leave her feeling more open, sexual, high, free, and as that can feel dangerous to the nervous system, it is essential to continue the work on self regulation as she expand.

Recommended Home practices in Between Sessions:

To help with integration and shifting to a new way of being, it is recommended to share practices with the client that she can do at home.

  1. For nervous system regulation: It could either be a passive practice like lying with legs up against the wall and deep belly breathing for minimum 3 minutes or an active practice like a slow yoga sequence.

  2. For self de-armouring and emotional release: A good recommendation could be a meditation to strengthen the observer mind and client’s ability to sense how her energy moves while holding space for her own emotions. Psoas release exercises would be great as well, to help process excess amounts of energy as the life force begins to run more freely.

  3. For pleasure awakening: Invite the client to take on a daily pleasure practice, to explore her own body through touch. It could also be supportive to start a yoni egg practice.

Other Recommended Daily Routines to Support Client’s Nervous System, Overall Health and Life Force Activation

To support overall health and energy flow of the client, it could be recommended for her to do the practices listed below:

  • Set time aside daily to regulate her nervous system.

  • Drink min 2-3 Liters of water

  • Eat what makes her thrive - inviting the client to pay attention to the foods she eats and adjust accordingly.

  • Do a form of movement that feels good and allows her energy to circulate.

  • Meditate, even if it is only 5 minutes, to tap into her breath and observe her inner world.

  • A daily pleasure practice, set aside time in the morning to do something that brings her joy and pleasure. Tapping into the moment and allowing it to change.

  • Breathing meditation circulating her energy using the microcosmic orbit.

Furthermore, it is recommended to add in one practice at a time, if it is not already part of her routine. Invite the client to start with the first two, and from here she can add in the order she feels pulled. Encourage the client to be compassionate when she skips or forgets, and encourage her to always do her best to listen to her body.

Exactly how the time period of working together looks like, depends on the client and how open she already is, the state of her nervous system and internal as well as external support systems. For a client who is already open, it is already possible to dive into the pleasure awakening in the second or third session, and for others it may take until the last couple of sessions to really dive into the pleasure awakening. It is important to keep in mind that with each client, it is essential to follow the body from beginning to end, to make it as harmonious of a transformation as possible.

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