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Some of the core values of The Pleasure Temple are unshakable safety, high integrity, embodiment and respect for each student's uniqueness, timeline and boundaries.

This is the reason The Pleasure Temple team only consists of facilitators who truly walk their talk in truth, have done  & continue doing deep inner work, are integrated and have fully devoted themselves to their common purpose of supporting embodied evolution of humankind.

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Meet the Team

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Riihannon Wilde

Founder of The Pleasure Temple. Main creator, teacher and facilitator on live modules and supervisions. De-armouring, Tantra-, psycho-, trauma- & body therapist. Shadow & emotional intelligence expert.

Riihannon Wilde is the founder of The Pleasure Temple where she has been working with women, men and couples for many years. She is founder of the TPT Method & arts which is deep trauma-informed and tantric de-armouring bodywork style. and has her own year-long training In de-armouring and sacred space holding -  working  deeply with trauma release, nervous system rewiring,  psychosomatics and life force activation.


She has a background and foundation in somatic psychotherapy, de-armouring, trauma wisdom, tantra, neuroscience and her own embodied experiences and is known for her highly sensitive channel and intuitive being.


She is passionate about evolution, shadow work, masculine and feminine union and loves animals and nature more than anything.

Read more about Riihannon here 

Celestine Andersen

Tantra Teacher, Tantric Sexologist co-founder, Tantra Massage Assistant 

Celestine has 20 years of experience as a tantra teacher and tantric masseuse. You will experience her as the glue in the space that weaves playfulness with clarity.

She is passionate about role play, shadow work, couples work and union of the masculine & feminine.

She is also the founder of the Tantric Sexologist Embodiment Education together with Riihannon.


Amanda Linn Emilia

Main Teacher and Facilitator. De-Armouring Teacher & Spaceholder

Amanda is an expert in the field of sexual trauma resolution, a practitioner of  craniosacral therapy, Ayurvedic breast massage, trigger points and tantric de-armouring bodywork.


Her zone of genius is to work with sexual trauma and to work with women and with deep sensitivity to unlock women's sensual potential.


Amanda has through many years studied embodiment and various shamanic practices, both within the fields of traditional and alternative medicine.


She has facilitated around the world with various tantra and de-armouring teachers and has given sessions to over a 1000 women and couples.

Anna Prana

Space Set-Up & De-Armouring Assistant

Anna has 2 years of experience in 1:1 healing and bodywork sessions and 2 years of assisting experience.

She is passionate about breath, pleasure and womanhood.

She is assisting different tantric, sexology & trauma-informed embodiment educations in Denmark & Breathwork training in Norway.

Her zone of genius is seeing people deeply and holding a high level of integrity around embodiment work.


Fenjah Grøn

Reflector of highest alignment, Music, Morning Practice, Space Set-Up & De-Armouring Assistant

Fenjah has 5 years of experience in 1:1 healing and bodywork sessions.

She is passionate about creating, dance practices, women's circles and photography sessions and just living!

She is assisting different tantric, sexology & trauma-informed embodiment educations in Denmark.

Her zone of genius is a deep listening into truth and reflecting it into the wisdom of the highest good - especially in a group space.

Miluna Munch

In Training as an TPT Assistant. Tantric De-Armouring Practitioner.

Miluna is originally educated as a sexologist and vaginal therapist and a TPT Tantric De-armouring bodyworker and spaceholder. 

She is a sexual trauma expert and has rewired her own sexual trauma and devoted to help women to do the same.


Her zone of genius is to hold space for deep 1:1 processes guiding deep rewiring and trauma release.

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