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Hi, I am Riihannon Wilde, the founder of The Pleasure Temple and co-founder of Human Evolutionary Academy. I am here to guide humankind into embodied evolution.

As a woman, everything changed inside and outside 8 years ago when everything I ever longed for was found inside of me - in my womb and body.

Through de-armouring & tantric sexuality practises I was able to open my body to 8 different types of orgasms and had/have many satori and expanded consciousness experiences. It led me to transcend everything I had ben taught about the body and devote my lives mission to bring this path into the world to ultimately support a more connected and love based future for humanity.

Embodying and opening my body completely to all its pleasure potential, love and divine creativity not only made my sex life so much more also helped me manifest with much more ease, and also took me home to my deepest soul truth, feeling of deep self-worth, and took my artistic expression, business and relationship with men to a whole new level.


My self-leadership and sense of power expanded radically.


The power & pleasure potential of both a woman's and a mans's body is unbelievably powerful and one of the most divine and magnetic forces on the planet.

I believe that in order to change the world we need to truly embody the mature feminine and masculine, instead of merely talking about it.

Light and Shadow _edited_edited.png

My own journey in life prior to my divine pleasure awakening has taken me through many dark nights of my soul overcoming, depression, overweight, stress, and suicide attempt. Today I am very grateful as it has all been a part who I am today. The darkness made me fearless of death and to live my life fully.

Through de-armouring, tantric practises, trauma & nervousystem rewiring, awareness training, acting on my intuition and souls calling and artistic expression, I have healed my feeling of disconnection, depression, stress, overweight, and broken deeply unhealthy patterns with men and addictions.

Today I am living my soul's purpose honouring the feminine way and having the most soul-fulfilling relationships. All of that leaves me in deep gratitude. Living my soul purpose to the fullest and have never felt more free inside.


- The TPT De-armouring method & arts, trauma release, nervous system rewiring, life force flow and pleasure awakening. Most importantly, practising all that in a safe and grounded way is true to the client's own, timeline and nature.

-Tantric Sexology guiding singles and couples 


-Anger & Shadow work to align you fully with your power, clarity and souls path 

-Guiding you to bring union within your feminine and masculine aspects

-Helping you create the deepest level of alignment in your life purpose, relationships and intimacy

- Helping you open your body and life to a whole new level of inner power, peace and pleasure

- Guiding you to open to your full creative and life force potential

- Soul business & non interfered leadership


- TPT Tantric De-Armouring Method & Arts founder. I have been teaching it to students for 3 years and been a bodyworker with 8 years of experience doing 1:1 sessions combining tantric de-armouring, trauma release & rewiring, psychotherapy, as well as intuitive and shamanic healing techniques

- Founder & Teacher at Tantric Sexologist Embodiment Education at Human Evolutionary Academy.

- 8 years of Facilitation experience, working with groups educations, retreats, company staff and CEOs

- 5 years of experience in Sexual / Life Force Healing Work

- Sexual De-Armouring Training by Susanne Roursgaard

- Educated Psychotherapist & Coach

- Currently under education at to become a Health wellness life coach - doctor of the future

- As a part of my own journey, I have healed asthma, eczema, severe stress, depression, severe overweight, body numbness, suicide attempt 12 years ago, and lack of feeling pleasure with the tools I share in The Pleasure Temple today

- Self-employed since 2009, with my intuition being my best guide and life & business coach

- Educated as a decorator, interior designer and conceptual artist

- Artist at since 2009 (formerly known painting huge wall art paintings and doing mindfulness projects all over Denmark)

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