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The Pleasure Temple Method & Arts educates & teaches sacred trauma-informed tantric de-armouring bodywork & group facilitation, combining a neuro-scientific approach and polyvagal theory with sacred feminine intelligence.

The Pleasure Temple bodywork and group facilitation is developed to assist the client on their unique timeline to move beyond resistance and defence mechanisms, unlock the nature of the body & support women and men to move beyond the subconscious mind to open the body to natural life force flow, to profound pleasure awakening and the soul. 

The Pleasure Temple Method & Art bridges natural intelligence of the female and male body, trauma awareness, neuroscience, polyvagal theory, myofascial release, tantric wisdom, spirituality and embodied experience in creating a deeply safe and sacred space to help women and men come back into optimal health and life force flow, release trauma and create more non interference ,union between the feminine and masculine aspects and more soul connected relationships.


By truly honouring the reality of the body's complex nature and neuro-scientific intelligence with your individual timeline & truth, The Pleasure Temple supports you in embodying your soul through opening to full body pleasure and life force flow. 


Our life force energy is deeply sacred, and our sexuality is directly bound to our level of trauma, emotional intelligence and heart energy. The Pleasure Temple Method & Arts is designed to support the client heal from trauma on a root- and body level. The method helps the client to reconnect to their abdomen, heart, emotions and pelvic area. Through that the client will be able to expand their consciousness to the level that allows them to live a life fully aligned with their deep purpose here on Earth.

We do not teach any ideals of concepts, but instead base our teachings on the natural intelligence of the body, neuroscience, polyvagal theory and experienced embodiment. We rest in the truth that all humans are completely unique and therefore everyone must be met in such manner.


There is no one way to be, only you know your truth. Own mission is to bring you into your own power. 


We create sacred spaces where the client can feel completely safe (or triggered) to let their guards and defence mechanisms down with deep presence, so they can open and from that space feel their clear limits, hold lifeofrce energy and really be true in themselves, what they feel, how to use their energy and they you say yes and no to.


The Pleasure Temple is the epitome of security, peace of mind, shameless and an enjoyable healing space, where your unique composition and femininity are paramount. You will experience being able to express yourself, be met and seen in that unique woman that you are, without feeling ashamed or blamed.

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The Pleasure Temple Method & Arts


Sensitive & intuitive full body tantric de-armouring in tune with body's own nature and opening

The polyvagal theory around the nervous system + tools for nervous system healing & rewiring

Trauma informed wisdom,
rewiring and emotional intelligence

Psychotherapy & Essence Work

Intuitive shamanic touch & healing

Tantric Wisdom, Touch & Life Force Actication

Myofiacal relase & breathwork


+ Human empathy, love & connection

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- We work holistically, with deep awareness of trauma and the nervous system.
- We teach you to become sensitive to every client's unique timeline & body rather than applying the same (masculine) method to all. We are rooted in the feminine.
​- We include spiritual practices, channelings, embodied psychosomatics, a big emphatic heart, post-session integration work and epigenetic guidance. 
- We surrender to what is and create a space where the body will open by itself like a - flower. There is an absence of push, force and goal orientation.
- We aim to create a sacred imprint and a new experience that a woman may have never had before, so she can start acting from a different and more aligned fundament inside of her.  Deep trauma re-wiring. 
- We inspire the client to empowered and in charge during the session. 
- We are there for the client in the post-session integration process, with our support and loving presence.
- We are informing and guiding our clients in regards to their epigenetics and other life force activation methods, including reconnection to the Earth.


- Reduce anxiety, depression panic attacks & fight/flight/freeze/ fawning responses
- Regulate and re-wire the autonomic nervous system
- Enhance embodiment and groundedness, boost body confidence, self-esteem and trust
- Heal past abuse, traumas and addictions by working through the armour, belief systems and neuroplasticity
- Reduce stress, tension, and "unexplainable" physical symptoms
- Remove shame and guilt, loss of interest in sex, pain during sex and inability to experience a full range of orgasms.
- Allow the client to learn to fully let go or experience joy and life force flow in the body.
-  Address other spiritual, emotional, sexual, relational, and physical dysfunctions
- Open to more lifeforce flow & pleasure
- Deepening contact with the soul & essence
- Opening to expanded states of consciousness & kundalini awakenings

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