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The Pleasure Temple Student & Practitioners' Guidelines & Code of Ethics

In trauma-informed Tantric De-Armouring

The Pleasure Temple aims to train high-integrity practitioners in the field that support their clients in re-wiring their nervous systems and trauma patterns in a way that is safe, in integrity, honoring, empowering and never re-traumatizing.

For this reason of being, we adhere a strict Code of Ethics for all our students and certified practitioners, to ensure the continuous integrity in their work, and in representation of The Pleasure Temple as a safe trauma & nervous-system aware tantric de-armouring method that meets each client exactly where they are and honors the feminine way and natural opening of one's body.

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As a Pleasure Temple practitioner we understand that the (complex) client types below need other kind of support and professional guidance than what we can offer.


- Pregnant women

- On antidepressants or other serious medications.

- Having a severe mental illness such as schizophrenia

- Teenagers 

- Close to or having a psychosis from drugs or plant medicines

- On substance, any form of drugs or plant medicine during the session

- People that have an active eating disorder or other severe addictions.

- Self-harming issues.

- People with severe sexual trauma and violent abuse not yet ready to be released on a physical level.

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We understand while under education and practising, that we are conscious of guiding people elsewhere to experts, and focus on working with people who have done a level of work with themselves so that we primarily start practising on active clients.

We understand that after certification of the 1-year Tantric De-Armouring Training, we stay humble according to our experience.

The Pleasure Temple does not take responsibility for practitioners who go against these guidelines.

We understand and acknowledge that all client information must be kept confidential at all times, and that according to Danish Data Law, all client journals must be kept safe.


"Restoring the Nervous System of Humanity will Create a New Path of Evolution"


Founder of The Pleasure Temple

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