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For purpose driven leaders


You have a big vision and desires and you want to make them happen
in your unique and sustainable way.
You are ready to expand more and ready to manifest more freedom and
pleasure for yourself while serving your unique gifts.
You have mastered your craft and are already have a business but ready
to scale and birth your big thing in 2024.
But you are now ready to get support along the way with someone who sees and
understand from own experience the depth of the inner work it requires.
You are ready to feel deeply held, supported and guided along the way as you expand.
You have your deep why and structures in place but you are feeling deeply blocked or moving through difficulty around energy management.
Being an entrepreneur for the last 15 years creating 3 successful soul businesses has been deep energetic work and consistent devotion of showing up over and over again. 

Being an expert in trauma, de-armouring arts and tantric sexology I have
a high expertise & deep understanding and many years of experience in the wholeness of your being and the energetics of manifestation through the embodiment of your sexual power soul embodiment & and nervous system rewireing.

I have a ton of experience in birthing big things via my educations, building teams, events, online & and high-end offers, sales and manifesting in alignment with my soul. I love to hold you through the darkness of expansion and I am a genius in seeing your unique potential and your soul business deeply, where inner and outer energetics are weak, blocked or not aligning.



I have worked with Ceos, leaders and passion driven companies & entrepreneurs for the last 15 years while have also have build a success full art business + created  2 of my own educations in the field of embodiment.
As a founder of,  The Pleasure Temple De-armouring Methods & Arts  & Human Evolutionary Academy where I educate Tantric Sexologist & Tantric Bodyworkers (de-armouring) through a trauma-informed 
and holistic approach, I am weaving soulbusiness with sexual energetics.

I have had over 1000 people through my hands, live educations, events & and programs and facilitated 1:1 immersions for leaders over the last 15 years.

My zone of genius is my embodied experience, being able to see and understand people deeply, being an expert in trauma, containing og sexual power and soul embodiment while also being a creative genius and visionary. I hold the high vision with you while working on the micro level to be able to manifest that into reality.

I am so happy that you are here!

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