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Doors open 22 of feb. 

Your Soul does not need expansion - Your nervous system does!


Our nervous system's vagal tone directly impacts our energy level, health and capacity to show up in our life, intuition purpose, sexual power and our leadership in the world. Rewire is an online temple space where you get to dive into your nervous system and rewire it together with other women. Together we expand our intuition, pleasure and expansion in your soul's direction

  • KEYS to bring your nervous system to rest and digest so more intuition, pleasure and spirit can move through you.

  • LIFETIME access to key tools and practise to become a master of rewiring your own nervous system.

  • UNDERSTAND your nervous system and primary nervous system responses and learn how to shift out of them.

  • RECEIVE practical practises you daily REWIRE practise

  • TRANSFORM burnout, stagnation and your subconscious fears and deepen your leadership

  • KEYS to master expansion 


  • 3 live masterclasses - teachings on the nervous system, parasympathetic sex magic & expansion mastery 

  • Lifetime Access to 5 + video practises you can do everyday to REWIRE

  • 1 Recorded REWIRE meditation

  • The Rewire Ebook with specially designed educational material (normally only available for students)

  • Community access to facebook group

Current price 2222,- DKK 

Price will rise to  4444,- DKK 

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