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The Embodied Lover

I take in a few 1:1 clients a year for long-term containers for The Embodied Lover path.

In "The Embodied Lover" I take you on a 1:1 tailored journey of deepening your embodiment through Tantric Sexology, root level trauma rewireing & Tantric De-armouring practises & initiations.


This is for you if...

You want to deepen into tantric sexology 

You want to deepen your embodiment and feel more connected

You want to clear out root level trauma & blocks

You wish to master your sexual energy & lovemaking

If you long to deepen connection in your relationships

If you want to balance your nervous system and health


3 or 6 months journeys possible.

With a mix of in-person sessions and online support.

Please fill in the form below with an introduction about your soul business, current blocks and what you would love support with.  We proceed with setting up a meeting to figure out the best way I can support you.

Thanks for submitting!


I have worked with CEOs, leaders and passion driven companies & entrepreneurs for the last 15 years while have also have build a success full art business + created  2 of my own educations in the field of embodiment.

As a founder of,  The Pleasure Temple De-armouring Methods & Arts  & Human Evolutionary Academy where I educate Tantric Sexologist & Tantric Bodyworkers (de-armouring) through a trauma-informed and holistic approach, I am weaving soulbusiness with sexual energetics.

I have had over 1000 people through my hands, live educations, events & and programs and facilitated 1:1 immersions for leaders over the last 15 years.

My zone of genius is my embodied experience, being able to see and understand people deeply, being an expert in trauma, containing og sexual power and soul embodiment while also being a creative genius and visionary. I hold the high vision with you while working on the micro level to be able to manifest that into reality.

I am so happy that you are here!

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