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Deep support on birthing your big things  &
Mastering the Art of Sacred Sales in your


Doors open Feb/March. 2024

Feel into your body for a moment - What would it feel like being more confident around sales in your soulbusiness &  if you sold out your big soul business offers in 2024 and created a sustainable way to have the consistency of incoming sales?

Amazing right? Deep fulfilment, nervous system relaxation and freedom! I want that for you! 

And feel into how it would feel for you to have a group of other women and me by your side with massive experience to energetically you through a whole year?

Have you ever pondered my consistent sell-outs in educations, events, programs & sessions the last 5 years? It is deep service, word of mouth, mastering high-level facilitation and my sought-after teachings yes.

But it is also a combination of INNER UNION, EMBODIED ENERGETICS, SOUL TRANSMISSIONS, BIG OFFERS FRAMEWORK, EMOTIONAL MASTERY & SALES MASTERY and more - that any woman can embody and apply to her unique soul business. 

THE UNION MASTERMIND is a devotion to your souls purpose in 2024,  birth  the bigger things your soul desires in a small sacred group container. Simultaneously, MASTER THE ART OF SACRED SALES and experience your unique soul business expanding to serve your body.  See the UNION MASTERMIND as your inner woman and man in balance and manifesting your soul business from the deepest and most truthful place, steering away from procrastination, fearful action and outdated masculine approaches of mental overload and endless doing.


  • An embodied facilitator mastering your thing ready to master more sales in your soulbusiness + birth bigger offers this year that your want to sell out.

  • You already have a soulbusiness, master your craft and have clients.

  • Struggling with expanding, the energetics of sales and want support on how on bigger launches

  • Want to master sales from your soul and attract soul-aligned clients

  • Want the group container support 

  • Want 1:1 support from Riihannon throughout a whole year on your specific offers

  • Want to create consistent sales a have 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 K months.

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All the sales energetics & structures  you need to embody.

12 MiniMasterclasses.
1 pr month to implament in your own time.


How to craft bigger offers based on your embodiment & soul calling and sell out !

1 extensive masterclass bts on how I do it all


Sacred & intimate group container for 1 year.

1 celebration day pr. month
1 Q&A call pr. month


1:1 time with Riihannon each month to support your soulbusines & offers.

1 x voxer day pr month
1 x 1:1 call pr month


Monthly Challenges

Using the group field to your pleasure. purpose & prosperity.


Some of the mini MASTERCLASSES includes teachings on: The 3 main sacred sales keys, Alignment & the deep why, Identity & branding support, Sales through transmission, Moving past fear, Sexual energetics, Soul magnetism your way, How to craft offers that sell, Structures that can hold your feminine, Body language and voice magic, Clarity energetics, Worthiness and confidence energetics on social media, nervous system energetics, Wealth & and Receptivity Codes, Sacred Sales keys in communication, And more,

This container will be a mix of guiding you into your own wisdom, seeing you and giving you mentoring & direct feedback.  I have a ton of experience in birthing big things via my education, building teams, events, online & high-end offers. I  am a genius in seeing you and your soul business deeply, where structures are missing and where energetics are weak. You can use our 1:1 Voxer day + lazer call day to have me as a co-creator on crafting your big offers, guidance on energetics from embodied experience or to develop more money pathways for you to expand your soul business in the most aligned way for you. My truthful feedback is always included. 

Can't wait co bring your gifts deeper into the world and create more freedom & pleasure for you.



Current price : 12 payments over 12 months of 4950​,- DKK per month + vat or 57.000,- DKK + vat payment in full, 

Price will rise to 67000,- / 77.000,- DKK + vat  before 1 march

Are you a current or previous student of Riihannon?

Reach out for special offer link.

INCLUDES 1 YEAR UNION MASTERMIND + 2 x 2 hours sessions to go over your entire business & offer creations + 1 extra voxer day pr month.

Current price : 12 payments over 12 months of 6200​,- DKK per month + vat or 72.000,- DKK + vat payment in full, 

Price will rise to 82000,- / 92.000,- DKK + vat  before 1 feb.

Are you a current or previous student of Riihannon?

Reach out for special offer link.

Obs. It is implicit on my Soul Business offerings that you put in the work. You are 100% responsible to show up for the journey and move though resistance. I will be there to support you, but you have to do it and be it.

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Desire to just have
1:1 Soul Business support from Riihannon? 
Please fill in the form below with a text about your business, current blocks and what you need support with.

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